Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Inflammation Database: genes involved in inflammation: ADORA3 (adenosine A3 receptor) – ADRB3 (adrenergic, beta-3-, receptor)

ADORA3 (adenosine A3 receptor)

[RP11-552M11.7, A3AR, AD026, bA552M11.5]

This gene is a member of the family of adenosine receptors. They are G-protein-coupled receptors that are involved in intracellular signaling pathways. This gene mediates a sustained cardioprotective effect during cardiac ischemia. It is associated with the inhibition of neutrophil degranulation in neutrophil-mediated tissue injury.  (RefSeq, 2010)

Over-expression [...] http://digg.com/u1RVfH

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